Cinnabean Cakes turns 1!



What a year it’s been!  This time last year I decided to take a leap, not knowing what was in store.

I had been making cakes for family and close friends for a while, but I never dreamed of making it a business.  This was just a hobby, and I had no formal training.  Who in their right mind would hire me to make a cake??!!

But I decided to listen to everyone urging me to take the leap.  And boy am I glad I did.  This past year brought a lot more than I ever expected!  Television appearances, magazine spreads, and most importantly meeting new clients and some great new friends!


To celebrate this milestone I am introducing a NEW flavour.

My signature Cinnamon and Vanilla Bean buttercream has been a hit.  To compliment this tasty icing, I have created Cinnabean Cakes’ signature Cinnamon and Vanilla Bean Spice cake!  Give it a try.  If you love cinnamon and you love spice, I guarantee you will  love this cake!

As I look forward to the year ahead, I want to take a moment to reflect on this past year.  Here are a handful of cakes made during the first year of Cinnabean Cakes.


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2 thoughts on “Cinnabean Cakes turns 1!

  1. Your cakes are beautifully crafted! I’ve been doing cakes on the side for years and holding down a cooking career. My kids are all grown now and one of my daughters is now making cakes with fondant and all her friends encourage her to start a business as well. We have zero $ for startup. Do you have any advice. You are inspiring!

    • Thanks! There are ways to get into the biz without needing start up funds. She can bake out of a commercial kitchen space. Pay by the hour, so she only needs to pay when she has an order. There is a great space in the GTA called The Cake Collective. There is also a great book about starting a cake business. It’s by Michelle Green. Lots of great advice that doesn’t need start up funds.

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