How to make a beautiful (and budget friendly) cake stand in under 10 minutes

Do you have a beautiful cake, but no cake stand to display it on?  In this tutorial, I show you how easy and affordable it is to make an adorable stand that will make your cake the perfect centrepiece for your next celebration.

You’ll need:

  • Glass vase approx 6″ – 8″ tall
  • Patterned glass platter approx 10″ – 12″ in diameter
  • Plastic crystals in colour of your choice.
  • Ribbon
  • heavy duty glue


  • Tie a strip of ribbon around the bottom of the vase.
  • Pour plastic crystals into the vase.
  • Adhere heavy duty glue around the top of the vase.
  • Affix the glass platter to the top of the vase. Allow time to set.

Your cake stand is now ready.  It’s that easy, inexpensive and beautiful!


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