How to make a cute Reindeer cupcake topper


Are you still trying to figure out the perfect Christmas gifts for a teacher, neighbour, or relative?  There is no better gift than one made with love AND one that can be eaten.

So why not make this adorable reindeer cupcake? Yes, YOU!  They are a lot easier than you’d think, and EVERYBODY loves cupcakes.



  • small rolling pin
  • large circle cutter
  • size 12 round piping tip
  • brown fondant
  • white fondant
  • red fondant
  • tan fondant
  • chocolate chips
  • chocolate covered pretzels


1. Roll out the brown fondant and use the large cutter to make a round circle.  Then use the large end of the piping tip to cut a circle with the tan fondant.  Finally, use the small circle of the piping tip to cut a red circle. TIP: use some cornstarch to prevent fondant from sticking to counter.


2. Place the tan fondant on the lower 1/3 of brown fondant and then secure the red fondant circle.  Finally, use the edge of the piping tip to create a “mouth” on the tan fondant.  TIP:  use a tiny amount of water to help secure fondant to each other.


3. Roll out the white fondant and use the small hole of piping tip to create 2 small circles.  Secure them as “eyes” on the brown fondant.  Next, press two chocolate chips into the white fondant.


4. Place the topper on top of a cupcake iced with buttercream.  TIP: click HERE for a simple and tasty buttercream recipe.


5. Finally, break a chocolate covered pretzel in half and stick them into buttercream to create “antlers”.






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